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How many people can limousines seat?

All of our limousines have a maximum seating capacity of 8 people. This is the legal allowance for the types of limousines we are licensed to use for hire & reward and this is the case for most of the larger 4x4 & hummer limos in south yorkshire as these types of Limousines require Coif certificates .
You wouldn’t get in an illegal taxi so why get book an illegal limousine for your special occasion

Are all limousine companies the same?
Like most things in life the old saying is very true - you get what you pay for. Your time with us should be an exciting, unique and fun experience. If you are only shopping on price you run the risk of ending up with a poor quality vehicle and service, usually resulting in serious disappointment on that special day.

Why are some companies priced lower?
The way we look at it..... Each limousine company knows what they are worth and they charge accordingly! Some companies have websites which  show vehicle`s they dont physically own and often use library pictures to enhance their fleet. Many other comapmies have been proved of this.

A very low price may be a warning sign for reasons such as:

2 - Inadequate maintenance of the vehicles – typical things

TV/DVD and stereo broken
Interior lights not working
Dirty/Rusty/Tatty vehicle
Frequent break-downs which result in a replacement vehicle been sent 
(Not the one you booked) 
Dirty or Chipped glassware
Unhappy or Boring driver
Un-licensed by the authorities
Drivers are not CRB checked

3 - Inadequate insurance, make sure the vehicle is covered for ''Hire & Reward'' and public liability under an Executive Hire Policy.

4 - Underpaid chauffeurs - an unhappy employee almost always results in poor service for you.

5 - Many companies do not turn up on time, do not arrive in the promised vehicle, or do not even show up at all (after your ''great-deal'' low-price booking was made they found another client who was willing to pay more and they never bothered to call and let you know) and your well earned money is important to us as is ours.

At AMERICAN STYLE LIMO`S not only do we operate one of the best maintained fleets in the area, we probably have the most courteous and friendly chauffeurs you will find.

AMERICAN STYLE LIMO`S   are setting the standards in the limousine industry.

What about insurance?
All our vehicles are insured for hire and reward and our policies include cover for the vehicle, Driver, Passengers as well as public liability. Our policy is arranged through an insurance company specialising in the vehicles we operate.

Is smoking allowed?
No, we do not allow smoking or food in any of our vehicles; we pride ourselves on their internal appearance and guarantee that there will be no lingering odour of stale tobacco, or food when you hire one of our cars.

What type of in-car entertainment do your vehicles have?

Our stretched limousines come equipped with CD and DVD players. State of the art electro disco lighting effects, Awesome sound systems & So much more.

How many collection and return points do you recommend?

We normally suggest that there should be no more than 2 pickup points to ensure that all of the passengers enjoy the maximum time in the vehicle. This also ensures that waiting time is kept to a minimum.

Do you require a deposit at the time of booking?
Yes. We require a 50% deposit to secure your booking. We accept payment by cash, Cheque, Postal Orders.
How far ahead shall we book?
The general rule is to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. The later you leave a booking the more likely that the date may not be available.